Pandora Ads

Pandora Ad Campaign

I thought about the things that gave Pandora an advantage over FM radio, and personified them into violent scenarios to make radio look like the bad guy. I then used the tagline “stop the torture” to show that Pandora is putting a stop to those awful things that FM radio does.

Pandora Ad 1 Pandora Ad 2 Pandora Ad 3 Pandora Ad 4
Windex Ads

Windex Ad Campaign

These portraits represent what would happen if your mirror was so dirty that you couldn't see your reflection well enough to do these daily tasks. Windex can prevent these scenarios from happening. The tagline for this campaign is "Don't use a dirty mirror."

Windex Ad 1 Windex Ad 2 Windex Ad 3 Windex Ad 4
TK Website

TK Motivational Speaker Website

Tim Kennedy approached me needing a website to showcase what he has to offer to students, ministries, and other charitable organizations, as a motivational speaker. I worked with him to develop a logo, portrait, and website to enhance his digital presence. The portrait was shoot by myself, as well as the front and back-end development of the website.

TK Website TK Website


Velox is a startup sports apparel company specializing in track spikes. I designed the logo, stationary, packaging, and website.

Velox Velox Velox Velox Velox

TheModern Website

This is a website redesign I did for TheModern. I also created an app to support the website.

TheModern TheModern TheModern
CDX Converge

CDX Converge

This brand was designed for a series of conferences for CompanionDx called CDX Converge. This series was focused on creating a conversation on genomics, and were featured in several locations around the country. All work including logo, branding, signage, presentation, and bellybands were designed by myself.

CDX Converge CDX Converge CDX Converge CDX Converge
Track Posters

UT Arlington Track & Field Posters

I created these poster for the UT Arlington Athletic Department to promote the track team's upcoming season as well as their home meet, The Bobby Lane Invitational.

Track Posters Track Posters
Trivial Tap

Trivial Tap

This initiative was to create an interactive restaurant with a way of involving its consumers more than a typical restaurant. We created Trivial Tap: an appitizer bar centered around a game that involves the patrons filling out a quiz to come up with their vintage persona, then guessing who is who. After filling out their quiz they will be seated at a table facing a screen in the middle of the room that will display different peoples’ persona, and they use their app to guess which table that person is sitting at. My partners for this initiative were Corinna Clark and Shannon Jones.

Trivial Tap Trivial Tap Trivial Tap Trivial Tap Trivial Tap Trivial Tap
Transplace Interactive PDF

Transplace Interactive Newlestter

The Transplace sales team was in need of an industry update that they could take on the go. This interactive PDF served as a simple solution that could be easily viewed on an iPad.

Transplace Interactive PDF Transplace Interactive PDF Transplace Interactive PDF Transplace Interactive PDF Transplace Interactive PDF Transplace Interactive PDF
Transplace Infographic

Transplace Infographic

This infographic was created as an internal call to action for employees to vote for their employee of the year.

Transplace Infographic
Running Log

Running Log - Data Visualization

This project was inspired by the annual reports of Nicholas Feltron. I used data from my running log from 2012 to create a visual spread of the data.

Running Log Running Log


These are a series of various printmaking posters.

Run Like Hell Cheeseburger






A UI designer armed with a BFA in Visual Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington with agency experience and an immense curiosity for everything digital. I'm based out of Dallas TX, and my fiancé would like to keep it that way. When not by my macbook, my time is spent running and coaching marathons as well as backpacking up mountains (not kidding).

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