This is more than a brand identity, it's the beginning of a change in culture.


The Problem:
When I joined the UX Design team working for AT&T Business, we faced the challenge of impacting change to the BAU mindset that was ingrained in the culture of the legacy teams we collaborated with. 

The Solution:
Create an identity for the team that more accurately portrays our vision of how design culture can impact change that leads to a better experience for our users.  

My role:
Our director recognized this opportunity and put on a hackathon design challenge for our team to create this new identity. My logo and brand identity was selected for implementation. I then lead a team of designers through workshops to create standards around the new identity and brainstormed ways of infusing this change in culture to our physical space. 


The Logo:
There are three visual elements to this logo that are unique to our team.

  • Tree (culture)
  • House (organization)
  • Pen (change)

Starting with the inside of the logo is the apperance of a tree. Our team has labeled ourselves the treehouse because the floor that we are centrally located on has full height windows that span the entire floor giving view to the tops of several trees. We draw inspiration from the simplicity and beauty of nature and it speaks to the grassroots mentality required to instill cultural change. 

Next is the border surrounding the tree in the shape of a house. This is a reminder of how we fit into a much larger organization within AT&T. Collaboration is a crucial part of this change in culture and it is important to remember that we are all still under the same roof.

Lastly if you combine these concepts of grassroots cultural change and collaboration, you see the logo as a whole. The appearance of the pen tool becomes apparent when you look at the logo as a whole. This is a very literal homage to our day to day in designing wireframes that will lead to better experiences.

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